Seattle Dynamo User Group hosted at ZGF


The second Dynamo User Group was hosted at ZGF Architects in downtown Seattle last week. Architects, Landscape Designers, Engineers and Programmers were treated to lunchtime pizza and 3 graphs we have been working on over the past month.

The first Dynamo graph took adaptive panels that were hosted to a mass, read their profiles and redrew them using detail lines within a drafting view. These lines were evenly spaced, sorted, dimensioned and tagged.



The second graph presented, created room bubble diagrams by taking rooms from Revit and generating region fills with fillets. This automation was requested by a team who previously spent much time exporting plans and manually tracing these outlines in Illustrator. This graph was our first deployment using the Dynamo Player.

Room bubbler

The last and final graph showed how we could read a linked Revit file of 2D furniture and replace with 3D furniture. This workflow was important to a team that needed to have a documentation model of furniture and not be burdened with heavy 3D components; yet at the same time have updated 3D model for rendering and VR purposes.


I cannot upload and share these Dynamo files as WordPress does not support the dyn or zip file types. The Seattle Dynamo has a Slack channel where we troubleshoot and post our graphs and supporting material.  If you want to by added to the channel, please let me know. Also, check out the MeetUp site for future Dynamo User Group meetups. Hope to see you there!



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